Better for Baby, Better for Mom

Breast-Feeding Tied to Lower Heart, Stroke Risk for Mom


Women who breast-feed their babies may have a slightly lower risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke decades later, a large new study suggests. More >

Breast-Feeding Success Hinges on Support for Mom, Baby


Information and support can help new mothers overcome breast-feeding difficulties, a lactation expert says. More >

Help for Hot Flashes?

Post-Menopausal? Give Exercise a Try


After menopause, moderate exercise can help women manage hot flashes, become more fit and feel better, a new study suggests. More >

HPV Vaccine Doesn't Eliminate Need for Pap Test


The HPV vaccine helps prevent cervical cancer but that doesn't mean women should forgo Pap test screening, cancer experts say. More >

Another Menopause Side Effect: Shortness of Breath?


As if hot flashes and night sweats weren't enough, a new study suggests that a woman's lung function seems to decline during menopause. More >

Every Day in the Womb Boosts Babies' Brain Development


Carrying a baby as close to full term as possible is better for the baby's brain development, a new study suggests. More >

Pregnant? Been to the Miami Area? Get a Zika Test, CDC Says


U.S. health officials are now recommending that all pregnant women who have recently spent time in any part of Miami-Dade County in Florida be tested for Zika infection. More >

Memory Skills Drop as Estrogen Dips

More Evidence Menopause 'Brain Fog' Is Real


Those memory lapses many women notice around menopause are real, and they can begin at a relatively young age, researchers report. More >

Know Your Risk for Ovarian Cancer - and the Symptoms


A major shift is needed in the prevention and treatment of ovarian cancer, according to a doctor who specializes in the disease. More >

Increased Breast Cancer Risk?

Sugary, High-Fat Western Diet Tied to Denser Breast Tissue


Overweight and obese women who eat a Western-style diet may develop more dense breast tissue, possibly increasing their risk for breast cancer, Spanish researchers report. More >

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

Your Pregnancy: Protecting Baby Starts Now


From the moment you found out you were pregnant, you started protecting your developing baby. You might have changed the way you eat, started taking a prenatal vitamin, or researching the kind of car seat you'll buy. But did you know that one of the best ways to start protecting your developing baby against serious diseases is by making sure you get the whooping cough (Tdap) and flu vaccines while you are pregnant? More >