Study May Yield Better Treatments

OCD May Be Linked to Inflammation in the Brain


People with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) have high levels of brain inflammation, a discovery researchers say could lead to new treatments. More >

Hydrate, Stay Out of the Sun

Keep Your Family Safe as Summer Temps Soar


As the first major heat wave of the season has much of the eastern United States sizzling, people need to take steps to prevent heat-related illnesses, an emergency doctor says. More >

Nearly 10M U.S. Adults Suffer From Mental Illness


Nearly 10 million American adults have a serious mental illness, and a similar number have considered suicide during the past year, according to a new government report on the nation's behavioral ills. More >

Fear of Looking 'Weak'?

Boys More Likely to Hide a Concussion Than Girls


When it comes to reporting a sports-related concussion, high school boys are less likely to speak up than high school girls, new research reveals. More >

Stats Are a 'Warning Bell'

1 in 7 Americans Has Kidney Disease: CDC


Thirty million American adults have chronic kidney disease -- but many don't know it. More >

Shifting Weather Can Unleash Pollen 'Superburst'


The changeable weather that many areas of the United States experiences may lead to a pollen "superburst" -- and for allergy sufferers that may mean misery, a sinus specialist cautions. More >

Dark Skin No Shield From Deadly Skin Cancer


Contrary to what many believe, dark skin doesn't offer protection against deadly melanomas, an expert warns. More >

Air Mattresses Linked to More Than 100 Infant Deaths


An air mattress can be a dangerous place for babies, researchers warn. More >

Lawn Mowers Are Risky Business for Kids


Though mowing lawns has long been a source of income for young people, experts warn that lawn mowers pose a major safety risk to children. More >

1 in 5 U.S. Kids Killed in Crashes Not Restrained Properly


If parents need more proof that car seats and seat belts save young lives, researchers now report that one in every five children killed in car crashes in the United States was unrestrained or improperly restrained. More >

No Solid Evidence

Special Diets, Supplements for Autism Still a Question Mark


Parents of children with autism often try diet changes or supplements to ease symptoms of the disorder, but a new review concludes there's no solid evidence that any work. More >

Toy of the Moment

Are Those 'Fidget Spinners' Really Helping Kids?


Fidget spinners may be the latest must-have kids' toy, but claims that the gizmos help students pay attention aren't backed by science, experts say. More >

'A Tsunami of Alzheimer's Disease'

Alzheimer's Deaths Jump 55 Percent in 16 Years: CDC


As more baby boomers age, deaths from Alzheimer's disease have jumped 55 percent, and in a quarter of those cases the heavy burden of caregiving has fallen on loved ones, U.S. health officials report. More >