Cardiac, Blood Sugar Benefits

Could Skipping Breakfast Feed Heart Disease?


Middle-aged adults who routinely skip breakfast are more likely to have clogged heart arteries than those who enjoy a big morning meal, a new study finds. More >

Stopping Aspirin Tied to Quick Rise in Heart Attack, Stroke Risk


People who stop following their doctor's advice to take a daily aspirin may see their risk of heart attack and stroke quickly rise, a new study suggests. More >

Prevention is Essential

Fatal First-Time Heart Attacks More Common in Blacks


Black adults are more likely than whites to die of a first heart attack, a new analysis suggests. More >

Lowers Heart's Pumping Capacity

Anabolic Steroids May Take a Toll on the Heart


Long-term use of muscle-building anabolic steroids may take a toll on the heart, researchers say. More >

'Alarming Threat to Global Health'

Heart Disease the No. 1 Killer Worldwide


Roughly a third of all deaths around the world are the result of heart disease and stroke, making cardiovascular disease the number one killer globally, new research finds. More >

Know the Warning Signs

1 in 3 Americans May Have Had Warning Stroke Without Knowing It


Is it possible to have a small stroke and not even realize it? More >

Trans Fat Bans May Have Cut Heart Attack, Stroke Rate


Could the contents of your cupcake affect your heart attack risk? More >

Exercisers May Have Better Shot of Surviving Heart Attack


Maybe this will be the news that finally jolts you off the couch and into an exercise program. More >

Be Aware of Risk Factors

More Younger Americans Are Suffering Strokes: Study


Strokes are typically associated with the elderly, but new research suggests that strokes are increasingly happening to Americans under 65. More >

Sleepless Nights, Unhealthy Hearts?

Chronic Wakefulness Could Harm the Heart


More worrisome news for people who toss and turn all night: Insomnia appears to be linked to a heightened risk for heart attack or stroke, a research review from China suggests. More >