Help for Hot Flashes?

Post-Menopausal? Give Exercise a Try

After menopause, moderate exercise can help women manage hot flashes, become more fit and feel better, a new study suggests. More >

Extra Work, Worry

Don't Discount Dealing With Diabetes Distress

People with diabetes have to think about their condition and make treatment decisions constantly -- and all that extra work and worry can lead to psychological distress at times. More >

FHN Heart Month Special

Check On Your Heart’s Health at a Special Rate!

Did you know that most heart attacks could be prevented with early diagnosis of risk factors for coronary artery disease? To celebrate American Heart Month, FHN is offering special pricing on two tests that can give you a good look at your heart health if you have no known coronary artery disease and no prior heart issues. More >

5 Ways Women Can Cut Their Heart Attack Risk

Heart disease is the leading killer of American women, but lifestyle changes can reduce the risk, a heart expert says. More >

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